Tech Expo + User Conference

Interact 2024 | London, UK

London Tobacco Dock | April 24 - 25th, 2024

Evolving Innovation: Setting A New Pace For Success

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Interact is heading to London!

We’re always ready to meet our Mitratech community where they are (literally) — and Interact 2024 is our chance to prove it.

That’s why we’re so excited to package up the heart of the Interact experience and bring it to London, where users and guests inside and outside of the EMEA region are invited to join us for:

User Conference - Industry Knowledge

Unparalleled Expertise

Thought-leadership focused on the exact challenges and opportunities facing your business​

Roadmap Insights

A review of our latest feature enhancements and an update on our technology portfolio at the 2024 MitraTECH Expo​

Hands-On Training

A full day of hands-on user workshops, product training, cross-functional presentations, and more ​

Co-Innovation & Networking

Our renowned Interact Welcome Reception and Networking Happy Hour

Mike Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Silverman

Sr. Vice President of
Product Management
Product Strategy

Where industries intersect, leaders collaborate & innovation keeps pace with ingenuity.

The world is changing fast – and leaders across legal & claims, risk, compliance, and human resources are ready to have some candid conversations about it.

At Interact 2024, you’ll have a chance to crowdsource new ideas, unpack challenges, share product best practices, and have some important discussions surrounding a cross-section of topics (like regulatory compliance, cyber risk, AI application, workflow automation, and more!).

Our Best Moments From the Big Easy

Live from New Orleans, LA

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Evolving Innovation: Setting a New Pace for Success​

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  • Full 1.5 Days Access
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  • Opening and Closing Reception

Tobacco Dock

Cutting-edge content in the contemporary heart of east London

Built in 1812 as a hub for precious cargo arriving from the New World — and since voted Best Event Venue year-over-year for its experiential design and unbeatable customer experience — the London Tobacco Dock is the perfect place to host an event as unique and memorable as Interact 2024.

With topics like data privacy, emerging tech, and more taking center stage, a single conversation can lead to new opportunities — and we’ll make it easy with premier food & drinks, live entertainment, and a breathtaking backdrop of East London.

Are you ready to set a new pace for success?

Heavier workloads, rising burnout, tightening budgets, it’s a crowded plate in 2024, which means it’s time to be selective about which events will deliver the best ROI on your time — and your current solutions.

From renowned risk experts and industry analysts to technology leaders and special guests, we’re bringing together all the best minds at Interact 2024 to help you navigate our evolving innovation and technology landscape. Plus, we’ll connect users of Mitratech’s various products together to answer questions, get peer-to-peer training and tips, and further strengthen the Mitratech community relationships that will benefit customers long after Interact is over.

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